Using Premium Materials in Home Construction

Trust us to use world-class materials in our modular home construction. DJTM Enterprises, LLC works with the leading modular home manufacturers in New York and Pennsylvania to ensure that you get:

Cost-Effective Homes

We want to cut costs on your end. That is why we choose modular home manufacturers that offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Accessible Services

Get hassle-free home construction services. You can contact all of our modular home manufacturers by visiting their websites.

Customizable Modular Homes

Our company made sure to work with manufacturers that offer customizable homes. This gives our clients limitless freedom to add personal touches to their homes.

Our Manufacturers

Planning on building your dream home? Check out our modular home manufacturers.

DJTM Enterprises, LLC

Simplex Homes

Simplex custom-built modular homes range from ranch, two-story, cape, townhouses, duplex, triplex, campus housing, and light commercial. Whatever your modular home needs are, we have a custom solution for you.

Custom Building Systems

Custom Building Systems LLC has redefined how people build homes, whether it’s an affordable starter home or a highly-customized luxury showpiece. Models include ranch, cape, two-story, and multi-family modular homes.

DJTM Enterprises, LLC

Professional Building Systems

Professional Building Systems, Inc. was founded in April of 2000 and has grown to become one of the largest modular manufacturers on the east coast. PBS produces over 1,000 living units per year, including ranch, cape, and two-story homes, as well as apartments, dormitories, schools, and other light commercial structures.